FreightRM - Charter System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system for optimized flight routes planning

Using world-wide data to utilize profitable markets

Dynamic pricing suggestion based on artificial intelligence

Optimal flight route building based on artificial intelligence

Workflow for synchronizing and coordination between all involved
parties – Flight Managers, Sales Agents, Operation Managers…

All flight charter information you might need

Our Solution

AI works in synergy with human intuition and insights.

Optimization takes into account expenses such as fuel, crew, airport,
parking, etc.
Various worldwide market data sources are used (IATA, CASS, TAC, WorldACD etc.)

Centralized workflow with approvals and alerts is used for coordination and
synergy between different involved parties.
Flight route planning process considers the company regular demand,
market opportunities, flight permits, landing slots, block hours, flight hours,
parking hours, special conditions and more.
Integration with flight scheduling and operation systems

How it works

How artificial and human intelligence work together

For generating the optimal flight route, we calculate probabilities based on the market estimates and combine them with a knowledge base of human choices from previous flight plannings using Deep Learning algorithms.

Manual flight plan modifications give us additional valuable information for Deep Learning.
The system manager can tune algorithms efficiency using predefined system parameters.

About FreightRM

FreightRM by MainTrend has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting cargo software systems. [more]

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