FreightRM’s Air Cargo Cost Calculator - a data-driven tool to choose the most cost-effective path: 

  • Multiple Route Comparison: Input your desired origin, destination and aircraft, and the module instantly generates a range of potential routes with varying stopovers.
  • Cost Breakdown Transparency: For each route, the module unveils a detailed cost breakdown, including:
  • Flight costs: Factors in aircraft type, fuel consumption, distance, and fuel prices.
  • Landing fees: Accounts for landing charges at each planned airport.
  • Ground handling expenses: Integrates costs for ground handling services at each stop.
  • Crew expenses: Analyzes crew costs based on flight duration, regulations, and crew requirements.
  • Other variable costs: Accounts for any additional, route-specific charges.
  • Profit Margin Prediction: Each route comparison displays the estimated profit margin based on your expected revenue and calculated costs.

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About FreightRM

FreightRM by MainTrend has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting cargo software systems. [more]

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