FreightRM’s Air Cargo Route Calculator

Optimize flight routes by calculating the length and estimated time based on a set of airports while considering restricted areas (e.g. prohibited countries).

Key Features:

  • Restricted Area Avoidance: Define prohibited countries or regions to automatically exclude them from the route.
  • Route Length Calculation: Provides the total distance of the flight path in kilometers or nautical miles.
  • Estimated Flight Time: Calculates the estimated flight time based on the route length, aircraft type, and average cruising speed.
  • Multiple Aircraft Options: Allows selection of different aircraft types with varying speed and range capabilities.
  • Weather Integration: Optionally incorporate real-time or historical weather data to adjust flight time estimations based on wind and turbulence.
  • Detailed Visualization: Display the route on a map with restricted areas highlighted, along with key information like distance and estimated time for each leg.
  • Reporting and Export: Generate reports summarizing route details, including length, time, and fuel consumption, for easy comparison and analysis.

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About FreightRM

FreightRM by MainTrend has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting cargo software systems. [more]

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