FreightRM offers air cargo businesses a full smart revenue management solution

  • hideDynamic rates
  • hideOptimised route building
  • hideIntegration with input from human insights
  • hideSupport for accepting or rejecting order decisions
  • hideA continually self-learning system based on Artificial Intelligence
  • hidePlayground / Sandbox
  • hideModular architecture
  • hideAffordable, flexible and adaptive

meet our team

The greatest features of any professional services organization is are the people behind it. FreightRm prides itself in employing the most dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable professionals in RM sphere. We offer you a snapshot, both professional and personal, of some of the dedicated players people who are instrumental in putting the “pro” in our company.

Raphael Pulner

Chief Architect

Dina Goldberg

Product Manager

Evgeny Neymer

Implementation Manager

Vadim Bromberg

VP of Marketing and Business Development

About FreightRM

FreightRM by MainTrend has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting cargo software systems. [more]

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